Bookcase with four Persians on the shelves

Thank you for visiting my web site. I am Pam Rutan and have loved animals from the day I was born. Mom wanted a Vet in the family, but got a Construction Manager....I guess Dad won out on that one....So, by day I am on Construction sites, by night and weekends, I am a Crazy Cat Lady.....My Persians are my passion. There is nothing better in the world, than to work with your passion. I love to groom all week and show my kitties on weekends - that's where the CRAZY comes into play. I am very lucky to have a tolerant husband, who fortunately is a golf fanatic and doesn't miss me on weekends; a great Mom who is on kitten watch when I'm gone; and good friends that pick me up when I get kicked down and kick me down when I get to cocky...A special thanks to my dear friend Nancy Lescavage, Nanc-C Exotics for being "Secretary" and "Pocket Pit Bull."...But, that's another chapter...Okay, enough about me, now go and visit what you really came to see - My CATS...."

Top Shelf Persians is located near the Poconos in Pennsylvania and in the winter near Tampa, Florida.


Pam Rutan on The Martha Stewart Show

NAR Regional Award
Pam and Nancy Lescavage accepting award for
5th Best Kitten in the North Atlantic Region

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